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When you’re planning the rollout of a new software application, inevitably, all eyes are on the team managing the project. Whether it’s a large or not so large programme you’re undertaking, making the new systems work for the business depends not just on the software, but the process that links it to your business and the ability of your staff to use the software effectively.

Being under the spotlight is stressful and there are a million and one things to consider when you’re managing this kind of project and all too often staff training is left to the last minute, or even ignored completely.

Lack of process and staff training is often a major reason for failure of an application rollout. Productivity suffers and users feel hostile toward the changes. When they are part of the process from the beginning and receive well-structured training, they are far more likely to champion the new systems, which will have a major impact the success of the new application. It simply doesn’t make sense to leave user training to the last minute!

We provide you with the help to make this happen using:

  • Business needs analysis
  • Development and delivery of task-based simulation materials
  • Learning validation
  • Creation of business process documentation
  • Training environment management