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By using application simulation, learning is quicker, more effective and breaks down those barriers when introducing new software. Whether you need to train end users, customers or partners, application simulation is highly effective and can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

Whether you need to show your staff how to set up a new printer or use a new function within an operating system or how to work with your latest critical business software, task-based application simulation is an efficient and cost-effective way of doing it. By using application simulation, development costs can be cut by as much as 60%!

All too often employees are "too busy to attend training" so this approach delivered as online, self-paced training or ‘in-context help’ is a very effective way of getting your users up to speed quickly, ensuring success of your application roll-out.


  • Users are fully trained before the application goes live
  • Users learn how to use the new application within their specific job-role
  • Provides supporting business process documentation
  • Improves user acceptance and support for the new application
  • Reduces IT support requirements
  • No extra costs to redevelop materials for alternative training delivery
  • Rapid development cycle


  • Uniform and consistent training
  • Training is focused on the business objectives and not the application functions
  • Each user's role and specific tasks can be rapidly developed as custom simulations
  • Complete and customised training for each community of users
  • Provides real-time, interactive, on-the-job user help
  • Multiple learning modes; showing, coaching and allowing the user to run through real tasks
  • Scalable and easily upgraded to deal with application changes and staff role changes.
  • Creation of supporting business process documentation.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2009 12:59